Employment Preparation

NCBT helps prepare you for a career in NZ.   All NCBT courses are designed and delivered to make you employable in the New Zealand workforce.

Most NCBT students aim to start full time employment after completing their study at NCBT. The majority of students
begin part time work very soon after their study course commences. NCBT provides employment services that assists
immigrants in preparing themselves for a career in New Zealand. NCBT encourages you to adopt a fresh approach and to realise your full potential by aiming high. 

A new immigrant needs to learn the New Zealand workplace culture, employer expectations, and the current job market, while studying toward NZ qualifications. Students are met with regularly during the year, to ensure a career goal is being steadfastly worked towards. 

Staff provides assistance and counselling during your time at college. For example writing an up-to-date curriculum vitae in the preferred NZ format, interview tips and techniques, your legal rights in the NZ business environment and pathways to Immigration. This type of knowledge is essential so that you are able to easily work and settle in NZ. Most importantly, NCBT assists migrants to understand and experience New Zealand Culture - the way we do things around here!

These NZ employment preparation services provide you with many tools and resources for you to maximise your career potential.

Below are a few resources that you can download from this website:

1. Download a CV Template
2. Job Hunting Resources
3. Job Interview Skills
4. Your rights and responsibilities as an employee

Note:  A CV is a pre requisite in applying for both part and full time jobs. if you do not have a CV,  download a CV template now!

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