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NCBT helps prepare you for a career in NZ. All NCBT courses are designed and delivered to make you employable in the New Zealand workforce.

Your main purpose in coming to New Zealand is to study and not for employment opportunities. Whilst students are permitted to work part time every week during their studies, such employment should not take precedence over your education.
As per current Immigration New Zealand policies, you can work full time during scheduled holidays and up to 20 hours a week during the academic year. Your visa will always state how much you’re allowed to work.

NZ Study + Work

International students aren’t allowed to be self-employed. They must work as a worker (or employee) with an employment agreement, and not as an independent contractor

The minimum wage in NZ is NZ$18.90 per hour. Wages will be taxed; every student needs to apply for and secure an IRD (Inland Revenue Department) Number before they can start working.

Student Job Search can help you find part-time work during term, and holiday employment: www.sjs.co.nz.

Jobs in Auckland are advertised on websites like TradeMe Jobs  and Seek NZ.

NCBT helps prepare you for a career in NZ. This additional support service assists you in integrating into the NZ workforce. Various interactive workshops are provided during your time at college, for example writing an up-to-date curriculum vitae in the preferred NZ format, interview tips and techniques, your legal rights in the NZ business environment and pathways to Immigration. This type of knowledge is essential so that you are able to easily work and settle in NZ. These NZ employment preparation services provide you with many tools and resources for you to maximise your career potential.

IRD – Before you start work
Before you start working you need to apply for an Inland Revenue Department number. The form can be collected from reception. Please find all details 
at: Inland Revenue Department NZ

Your Employment Rights in New Zealand

New Zealand has minimum rights and entitlements which apply by law to all workers.
For more information on your basic work rights, go 
to: NZ Study + Work

Below are a few resources that you can download from this website:

1. Download a CV Template
2. Job Hunting Resources
3. Job Interview Skills
4. Your rights and responsibilities as an employee

Note:  A CV is a 
pre requisite in applying for both part and full time jobs. if you do not have a CV,  download a CV template now!

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