Refund Policy

NCBT Student Fee Refund Policy:
This policy will ensure there is a fair and transparent process covering a range of student refund requests including and not limited to:
• Student withdrawal from programme prior and after enrolment
• Visa Application decline
• Cancellation of programme by NCBT
• Insolvency, regulatory closure or Accreditation withdrawal by NZQA
• Student Termination
Each refund must be made based on actual expenses incurred.  In order to deduct up to the maximum percentage, NCBT must be able to demonstrate we have incurred expenses under one or more of the types of costs listed:
Tuition fees, including amounts for the export education levy, recruitment, marketing, agent’s commission, and overhead costs
Course-related payments, including examination fees, and material related costs
Administration fees, or registration fees, or both
Student services fees
Insurance Fee
NCBT needs to be able to show the costs add up to the amount (equal or more than) the amount NCBT is seeking to claim.
Course Commencement is the first day on which NCBT requires the student to attend
Course cancellation can occur when NCBT determines there is insufficient demand, unavailability of suitable staff or facilities or any other reason.
In special circumstances comprising reasons of a compassionate nature NCBT at its sole discretion may grant a refund of a greater amount than is stated in this procedure and/or may grant a refund outside the required time frame as stated in this policy. If a student believes that special circumstances of a compassionate nature exist, they must apply in writing to NCBT and enclose supporting evidence of the special circumstances claimed and provide all other evidence requested by NCBT. NCBT will consider the request and may or may not grant a refund in an amount that NCBT deems appropriate.
Note: The first day of the course is shown on the student’s Offer of Place.  For students new to NCBT, it is the first day of the Orientation Program, which is compulsory for these students.  For all other students, it is the first day of class.  If, for any reason, a student is unable to start their course on the first day (ie: delay in visa), they must notify NCBT, and request a deferred starting date, which will be confirmed in writing.  In the absence of such a request, or in cases where the request is declined, NCBT will be entitled to assume the student accepts the course start date originally proposed.
Student to complete a NCBT Course Withdrawal Form, and attach fee receipt, passport copy and any other relevant documents/evidence and present it to the Business Relationship Manager. Student will be informed of the decision within 5 working days. If accepted, refund will be processed.
Relevant Public Trust forms must be completed by the student and then submitted to the Student Support Coordinator who will submit to Public Trust for processing of refund.
Withdrawal of learner up to and within the first 10 working days of programme commencement:
• Full refund, less up to 25% of the payment.. 

Visa application declined by INZ (Offshore)
• Full refund less 10% of the payment or $500 

Cancellation by the provider of a course before or during the programme.
• Full refund less 10% of the payment or $500

Unforeseeable insolvency, regulatory closure or withdrawal of accreditation of NCBT.  
• Students reimbursed via the Public Trust

Withdrawal and refunds from programmes after 10 working days of programme commencement.  
• No fees paid will be credited to later programmes or refunded to students after this time

Termination of enrolment by NCBT 
• No refund

Students who withdraw before programme commencement ( Offshore- Prior to arrival in NZ)
• Full refund less 10% of the payment or $500

Students who withdraw before programme commencement ( Onshore)
• Full refund, less up to 25% of the payment.

Students who have studied on an Interim Visa and then withdraw from the course/has a visa decline after 10 working days
• No refund

Student visa renewal declined by Immigration New Zealand on the basis of poor attendance, unsatisfactory academic performance and/or late visa application (Sec 61) 
• Full refund, less up to 25% of the payment.

Students paying second semester fee and withdrawing/has a visa decline after 10 working days
• No refund

Currency fluctuations between enrolment
• All fees received and refunded in New Zealand dollars. NCBT shall not be liable to compensate the student for any
fluctuations in currency in the intervening period

Student Fee Indemnification Policy:
This policy ensures that NCBT follows provisions that require all private training establishments (PTEs) registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) should offer protection for student fees paid and other course-related costs. NCBT has selected Public Trust to act as an independent trustee.

This policy ensures the protection of student fees up to the first 10 days from programme commencement, in the event of insolvency, regulatory closure or withdrawal or partial withdrawal of NCBT’s accreditation. 
1.    Student fees will be deposited in to the trust account of the Public Trust.
2.    The deposit can be made by bank transfer, telegraphic transfer, bank cheque or by credit card to NCBT Trust Account, managed by Public Trust. 
3.    On enrolment student signs the Student Fee Trust Account Application Form, which is sent to Public Trust.  On      completion of 10 working days of programme, NCBT will confirm student attendance to the Public Trust.
4.    The Public Trust transfers the Medical & Travel component of the student’s course fee to NCBT on receipt of the signed Student Fee Trust Account Application Form or on the programme commencement date (whichever is the later date).
5.    Following student attendance confirmation, the Public Trust will transfer 20% of the tuition fees to the NCBT operating account.
6.    Balance of fees will be paid to NCBT operating account in equal fortnightly installments for the duration of the programme (50 weeks including scheduled holidays).
7.    In the unlikely event that NCBT is unable to complete the course (due to closure, insolvency or course cancellation), Public Trust will refund any fees owed to the student. Students can contact Public Trust on 0800 494 733 or for more information visit 

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