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New Zealand Diploma in Business with strands (Accounting, Administration & Technology, Management & Leadership) Level 5

Programme Overview:
Graduates will benefit New Zealand business entities by contributing to the achievement of entities’ operational objectives, through the application of knowledge and skills, in an ethical manner, in a bi- and multi-cultural environment.

In addition, graduates will have specialised knowledge and skills for application in operational roles in New Zealand business entities, depending on which strand is achieved. 

Graduates of the Accounting strand will have skills to:

  • Record and process a wide range of financial transactions.
  • Apply accounting concepts and standards to prepare financial statements and reports.
  • Prepare budgets and monitor business performance against budgets.
  • Analyse and interpret financial information to inform decision-making.
  • Apply tax rules for individuals and small businesses.
  • Determine internal controls to minimise financial risk.
  • Evaluate debtor risk and apply relevant actions to mitigate.
  • Act in accordance with the accounting profession’s Code of Ethics.

Graduates or Administration and Technology strand will have technical skills to:

  • Plan, organise and manage business administration functions, operations, and/or projects, to support management.
  • Select, apply and support a broad range of current and emerging business technologies to meet business entity needs.
  • Manage, analyse and evaluate administrative systems and processes; identify and recommend any improvements

Graduates of Leadership and Management strand will be able to:

  • Identify operational issues and challenges and apply techniques for continuous improvement for an efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Contribute to the business planning for an efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Lead others to implement activities within the entity’s plans, including change, for an efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Manage projects within scope, resources, and time.
Course Length: 40 weeks (Credits 120)

Class timings: 09:00 am to 01:00 pm Monday to Friday.

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